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Plumbing Services

Our professional plumbing services have been proudly serving the South, Southwest and West Suburbs of Chicago since 1960. Our company history is based on affordable and polite customer service and geared towards solving any issues with the drainage system in your personal or professional environment.

A clogged drain, a toilet in need of repair, and a leaky faucet are common issues in any household. Flatley’s – your local plumbing service – offers professional and affordable solutions to combat such nuisances. Our expertise and customer service will guarantee satisfaction and leave behind a well-functioning drainage system.View our testimonials to see how our plumbing services have helped our customers.

Service Areas

Our office is located in Frankfort, IL but we service many Chicago suburbs like Orland Park, Tinley Park, Naperville, and more. Explore our service locations to see if we can help you with any plumbing related issues such as the ones described below.

Commerical and Residential Plumbing Services

Our plumbing services are guaranteed to leave you satisfied and your household and work space free of any drainage problems. Flatley’s devotes its plumbing expertise to the following areas of your personal and professional work environment:

Kitchen Plumbing Services:

  • Faucet and Sink Installation: We help install sinks and faucets and also cater to leaky faucets that contribute to water damage and costly water bills.
  • Sink Plumbing: Issues with sink drainage and pipes can be taken care of by our professional plumbers.
  • Garbage Disposals: An efficient and well-maintained waste management system is imperative to a clean household.

Bathroom Plumbing Services:

  • Bathroom Plumbing: We take care of maintenance and make sure your bathroom drainage runs smoothly.
  • Remodeling or New Bathroom Installations: Our plumbing experts can cater to any of your remodeling needs and install new equipment as well.
  • Toilet Plumbing Repair: Our services cover clogged toilets and drainage systems, which are an essential component of a hygienic bathroom environment.

Basement Plumbing Services:

  • Sump Pumps and Sump Pump Pit Systems: We provide sump pump installation to ensure your home is protected against basement flooding.
  • Ejector Pump Pit System and Repair: In order to ensure efficient sewage disposal, we install and repair ejector pump system to prevent flooding and presence of raw sewage and dirty water.
  • Battery Backup Flood Systems: A flood system is necessary in order to prevent excessive water logging and drain damage.

Water Quality Plumbing Services:

Flatley’s plumbing services also extend to water heaters such as hot water heaters, power vent water heaters, and tank-less water heaters to ensure to your water runs at a comfortable temperature, even during the cold Chicago winters.

We also provide services for water softeners in order to remove unnecessary minerals and ensure that pipes do not get clogged and soap dissolves easily. Our plumbers also help with restoring water pressure to ensure smooth flow of water in all pipes and drainage systems.

Our other services include ice maker lines, taking care of ceiling leaks and cleaning or rodding grease basins and all drains.

We’ll Help You Prepare for any Season!

  • Spring and Fall: New frost-free spigots to ensure smooth flow of liquid into containers.
  • Winter: Thawing frozen pipes. Check out our Winterization services here!

We also offer year-round services for Video Camera Sewer Line Inspections.

If you’re looking for professional plumbing services in the Chicago Suburbs, call Flatley’s Plumbing Express!