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Drain Cleaning

The drains in your home see a lot of traffic. Certain drains in your home may see more action than others, but they all come together to form one of the most important systems in your house. Toilets, kitchen sinks, showers- these appliances have separate drains that connect to your drain and sewer system. Over time, your drains can collect a considerable amount of buildup. Take a moment to consider the stress inflicted upon your drains on a daily basis: hair that accumulates from bathing or shaving, children washing their paint-covered hands, globs of toothpaste and toilet paper. The possibilities are endless! Technically, none of these materials are great for your drain system. With that being said, it’s unrealistic to think you can prevent them from slipping in entirely. At Flatley’s Plumbing Express, we know how important it is to keep your drains clean with routine servicing. Call us today to schedule your drain cleaning!

Dirty Drains

There are many causes of dirty drains, and all of them would benefit from professional cleaning. Here are a few of the most common reason the drains in your home may clog or backup:

  • The introduction of foreign objects, like a hand towel or a small toy.
  • Non-compatible items such as paper towels, feminine hygiene products, or cigarette butts.
  • Cooking oils, fats, or grease buildup due to improper disposal.
  • Too much toilet paper-a small amount is fine, but you should never use an excessive amount all at once.
  • Improper use of your garbage disposal.
  • Non-water-soluble products


Flatley’s Plumbing Express is highly qualified and recommended for cleaning your drains. By removing buildup or foreign item, your drains will be left to work efficiently. All your drains are susceptible to blockages and buildup, including the following:

Bathroom: Have you noticed that your shower takes a while to fully drain? Has your sink filled with hair and toothpaste? Everyday rituals like brushing your hair and teeth, or flushing toilet paper introduces foreign materials to your drains. Over time, these materials build up and can cause problems.

Kitchen: Food waste often ends up down your kitchen drain. Even if you have a garbage disposal, certain materials can wreak havoc on your system if they are allowed to build up. Grease, fats, and soap can stick to the sides of your drain, trapping other materials on their way down.

Basements: Because basements typically experience the most flooding, they are often equipped with floor drains. Because they are level to the floor, it’s easy for dirt and debris to get trapped inside. This can cause clogs, which could be disastrous in the event that your basement builds up water.

Outdoor Drains: If you have gutters on your home, then it’s highly likely that you have outdoor drains as well. Because they are exposed to the elements, they often become clogged with leaves, dirt, twigs, and any other small item that comes their way. This can cause water to back up into your system if it isn’t addressed immediately.

After your drains have been cleared and cleaned of any obstruction or buildup, your system will be more energy-efficient. If your home or property needs drain cleaning, call Flatley’s today. We offer professional and affordable solutions to combat such nuisances. Our expertise and customer service will guarantee satisfaction and leave behind a well-functioning drainage system. View our testimonials to see how our plumbing services have helped our customers.