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Tankless Hot Water Heater

Access to hot water is a necessary function in most homes or businesses. One of the biggest decisions you may need to make, as an owner, is choosing to upgrade your current system. Among the most popular options is a tankless hot water heater.  Also known as an “on demand” unit, these systems becoming an increasingly popular addition to today’s homes. Their energy efficiency makes them a practical choice for both home and business owners alike. With today’s utility prices, you may want to save money in the systems of your home that allow it. Flatley’s Plumbing Express can walk you through the installation process, answer your questions, address your concerns, and establish a plan that works best for you.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is of the utmost importance for many of today’s home and business owners. Not only does efficient equipment benefit your property and its surroundings, it benefits your wallet as well. If you’re interested in saving money for years to come, efficient and up to date systems are the way to go. A traditional unit with a tank typically stores extra water, up to 50 excess gallons. With a tankless system, hot water is produced only when you turn on your faucet. The less water you waste, the more money you save. Because these systems don’t reserve extra water, they are typically most suitable for homes or business that need less on a daily basis.

How it Works

Tankless water heaters only provide hot water when it is needed. Older, less efficient models are programmed to store much more water than your home or business may need, leaving room for waste to occur. Tankless heaters, as the name states, have no tank to keep excess water in. instead, the water travels directly through a pipe and produces hot water whenever a hot water tap is turned on.

Connected to your boiler, a coil is used to heat the water. One end touches your water supply, while the other feeds into the pipe through which water is delivered to your taps. The boiler heats the water, which in turn heats the coil. This brings the hot water straight to your taps, as needed.


Flatley’s trained and insured professionals can install a tankless hot water in your home with minimal disruption. These models are typically much smaller than heaters with tanks, and can even be mounted on a wall in your home or business. Different systems are also available to meet the different water heating needs of specific properties. Special venting requirements may apply, as well as burner adjustments. Flatley’s will go over each specific detail with you, the goal is to decide whether the installation of a tankless hot water heater will not only benefit your property but be able to meet your needs as well.

If you have questions or you want to install a tankless hot water heater in your home, call Flatley’s today. We offer professional and affordable solutions to repair or replace your water heater. Our expertise and customer service will guarantee satisfaction and leave behind a well-functioning drainage system. View our testimonials to see how our plumbing services have helped our customers.

If you’re looking for professional plumbing services in the Chicago Suburbs or you are interested in installing a tankless water heater in your home, call Flatley’s Plumbing Express today!