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Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting is a way to make sure that your sewer lines and plumbing system are functioning at their best. Over time, your pipes become more and more at risk for damage due to buildup. Debris that accumulate, or foreign objects that get lodged, can cause clogs. These blockages can cause your system to back up and even overflow, leaving you with the costly repairs of water damage and potential mold contamination.

In an effort to reduce the likelihood of this hazardous situation happening in your home, you may want to consider hydro jetting.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Flatley’s Plumbing express uses hydro jetting as a safe alternative way to clean and clear your pipes. Typical methods of cleaning can include harsh chemicals or more invasive methods with tools and drills. Using a high pressured stream of water, hydro jetting allows debris and buildup to flush gently out of your system. Since water alone is being introduced to the pipes, there is less room for error. Hydro jetting is especially beneficial if you have older pipes, as they can be more fragile from wear and tear over the years. Water is forced out up to 60,000 psi; blockages and clogs won’t stand a chance!

How Hydro Jetting Can Benefit You:

  • A safe, noninvasive method to clean your pipes
  • Eliminating any grease or buildup that may be clinging to the inside of your pipes
  • Mineral deposits
  • Bacteria removal
  • Gently removing a foreign object that has caused a clog
  • Determining if you have a leakage or a break; finding out if your pipes are damaged

How does Hydro Jetting Work?

If you are concerned with the wellbeing of your pipes, you may want to consider contacting Flatley’s Plumbing Express to help you with your home system. We use noninvasive methods to help you check the integrity of your pipes and find the best access point. After assessing the situation, one of our licensed and insured employees will insert a tiny hose into the access point. Connected to a water tank, that hose is capable of flushing water through your piping system.  We will pre-determine the water pressure level used to flush out your pipes.

Before we begin, we must find an entry point to easily access your pipes. Typically, this point is through one of your toilets. After assessing the situation, the plumber will insert a small hose into the toilet. The hose is connected to a portable water tank, both of which are designed to handle the high-pressure level of water that will be introduced to your pipes. If we decide that your system may need extra help, the water pressure level can be adjusted. We want to be sure that the problem has been fixed before we leave.

The pressure level of the water will depend on the situation at hand, as well as the condition of the pipes. The water will gently flush out the debris from your sewer system. For clogs or advanced buildup, we will likely use a higher pressure to ensure that the problem has been remedied. We are proficient in calculating water pressure because an error could damage your pipes. With Flatley’s, you’re always in good hands.


To learn more about our hydro jetting services, call Flatley’s Plumbing Express today!