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Hot Water Heater Repair, Replacement & Maintenance

Flatley’s Plumbing Express is a professional plumbing company comprised of expert plumbers that can fix any of your hot water heater repair needs. Just like you, the Chicagoland area is our home. We know how great it is to live in the Chicago area and we don’t want anything, even your hot water heater, to get in the way of you enjoying this great city! Contact us now and our expert plumbers will help with hot water heater replacement, maintenance, or any other issues you may have.

Ever had any questions about what exactly the difference is between all of the different kinds of hot water heaters? Not sure about what kind of hot water heater you have? Learn more below.

Hot Water Heater Differences Explained:

  • Gas: Gas hot water heaters are usually more affordable over the long term but have more upfront costs. Gas water heaters are able to heat the water up at a faster rate than electric hot water heaters. A benefit to having a gas hot water heater is that it will continue to work even if your power goes out. If your household contains more than four people than this type of hot water heater would probably work better due to the quick recovery rate. After all, nobody wants to be the one left shivering in the shower!
  • Electric: Electric hot water heaters are usually more energy efficient than gas heaters but they cost more in the long run because they run on electricity. In the unfortunate situation that there is a power outage, electric hot water heaters will not continue to work.
  • Tankless: Tankless water heaters only provide hot water when it is needed; they do not constantly produce a supply of hot water. As the name suggests, tankless water heaters do not have a tank rather the water travels through a pipe. Whenever a hot water tap is turned on the tankless water heater produces hot water and sends it through the pipes.

Now that you know a little more about your hot water heater let’s make sure it’s working properly.

Is my Hot Water Heater Working Properly?

  • Age: As a rule of thumb, you should always check the date of your hot water heater to ensure it’s not beyond its years. An old hot water heater can leak and cause damage to your home. It’s much better to have maintenance done to your hot water heater than to wait for something bad to happen.
  • Noisy Tank: If you are hearing some type of unusual noise coming from your water heater than it’s probably time to get it replaced. When a water heater gets old it builds up layers of residue that harden and this residue then begins bouncing around the water tank, thus producing a noise. The hardened build up will keep causing damage to your tank and it can also cause your water heater to work at a slower rate.
  • Rusty Water: If you notice rust coming out in your water then it may be time to get that water heater checked! Rusty water can mean one of two things either your pipes are rusting or your hot water heater needs to be replaced.
  • Change in Temperature: A rather obvious sign, but sometimes one that is overlooked, is if you notice a change in the temperature of your water. Really cold water or really hot water could signal a problem with your hot water heater or some of the components of your unit.

For more information on hot water heaters, find out other common hot water heater problems.

Need Hot Water Heater Help? Call Flatley’s!

If you are still unsure of whether your water heater is working properly or if you now realize you have a water heater emergency, feel free to let the experts at Flatley’s Plumbing help you out! Flatley’s is committed to providing excellent service to every customer. We have been in the plumbing business for decades and can fix any plumbing issue you may have! Check out our specials and find the right deal for you.