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Camera Inspection

If you’ve been thinking about the wellbeing of your pipes recently, Flatley’s Plumbing express is here to put your mind at ease.  We can perform a routine camera inspection in your home to determine whether your drain and sewer system are working as well as they should be. Throughout the seasons, your pipes go through a lot of wear and tear. If there is damage or buildup present, you want to know before it’s too late!

How Camera Inspection Works

After calling Flatley’s Plumbing Express for a camera inspection, one of our trained professionals will come to your house and use a specialized waterproof camera to inspect the inside of your drain and sewer lines. The camera is fixed at the end of a long, flexible line that allows for a complete, high definition, 360-degree view of your pipes. The line moves with ease through your pipes, and can even bend around corners. No area will be left without inspection. This method is especially helpful to check on pipes that may lie underground, under cement, or in other hard to reach areas. There will be no digging or invasive procedures required for a camera inspection. Any damage or areas that are a cause for concern will be seen and assessed by one of our professional, certified employees.

What Our Cameras Can Detect

  • Grease clinging to your pipes
  • Hard water buildup
  • Root intrusion
  • Rust damage
  • Pipes that have been warped or misaligned
  • Age of pipes and severity of wear and tear
  • Foreign items that have lodged
  • Jewelry or small objects that have fallen or been flushed

How Camera Inspection Can Help You

The colder months can bring freezing temperatures that can freeze or even cracking pipes. Spring and summer aid in the growing of trees and plants, but as the roots stretch down and out they may poke through your pipes for a new water source. Foreign objects and buildups can cause clogs, and pipes can wear with age. A second inspection can also be performed after the problem has been fixed, to assure you that Flatley’s Plumbing Express has done the job.

Save On Your Bills

After a camera inspection, you will know if your pipes need help, or if they are working perfectly. Once any damage that may have taken place over time has been repaired, you may even see a decrease in your water bills. Leaks waste water, which can cause a spike in utility costs. Without excess water being wasted, you will not only save money, but your home will be more energy efficient.

At Flatley’s Plumbing Express, our goal is to provide you with the best customer satisfaction possible. Check out our reviews and blog for more information on camera inspection, or call and speak to one of our technicians today!